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Advantages of using the Energy Eye™ System


  • Cost – When specifying a new project there are two very important points to consider: Materials and Labor Cost. Because of its wireless platform,our materials cost might be slightly higher but our OVERALL COST is nearly unbeatable. You simply won’t find a product that is this effective for this cost. We’ve found that unfortunately many vendors selling Energy Management Systems will quote one project cost but find that it is much more lengthy and expensive once getting installed, we know because we’ve even seen this happen ourselves. With Energy Eye what you see is what you ge

  • Flexibility – The Energy Eye System works with nearly any HVAC System, Worldwide. Our product can interface with your existing HVAC equipment, whether it is a PTAC, Heat Pump, Mini-Split, Split System or Chiller based System Because the Energy Eye Controller interfaces with your existing equipment we don’t need to replace your thermostat. You aren’t limited to using one specific Brand of PTAC supplier or required to upgrade all of your existing units for compatibility. In fact the Energy Eye System is the only system we know of that can be installed one at a time or all at once, depending on your operating budgets.Should you like to replace your thermostat we have the flexibility of choosing the digital product that best suits your operations aesthetics or functionality requirements. Unlike other systems you aren’t stuck with a standard thermostat design with bulging in-built motion sensors. Because of its wireless nature, the Energy Eye System is uniquely suited for all-suite hotels which require motion sensing in multiple rooms or resort properties looking for a way to control their balcony or lanai door action

  • Efficiency – We believe the Energy Eye System is very simply the most effective tool to save energy for your operation available. Although results can vary with individual conditions, what we’ve seen is that the Energy Eye simply saves more than other systems. Because we are “proof positive” in our occupancy determinations we don’t have to “slowly regress” the setback temperatures over a 2, 4, 6, 8 hour OR LONGER period like other systems.This results in dramatically more energy saved, all the while maintaining comfort for the guest.

  •  Reliability – The Energy Eye System operates autonomously and reliably. We have a standard Two (2) Year Comprehensive Warranty on our equipment and have found that seldom do parts need to be replaced. We’ve seen systems that require monitoring of the components simply because the parts are often faulty, fragile and fallible. This monitoring can require complicated chains of communication that could even have several hundred points.The Energy Eye System has three (3). With fewer points of failure, you can rest easy. We don’t believe in the extra cost of monitoring a part when this doesn’t add anything to the energy savings, simply for the fact that it could be unreliable.  

  • Simplicity – The Energy Eye System was designed from the onset not to involve human interface. While it is sometimes re-assuring to involve human elements in a control system, you can rest assured that years of experience means the Energy Eye System will do its job, consistently and free from errors. In fact, its job is not a very complicated one, letting the System take over when humans can’t ensures the highest levels of efficiency. We feel it is completely un-necessary to have someone at the front desk responsible for monitoring or turning HVAC units on and off. Experience proves we are right. We don’t believe in expensive upgrades that “tell” you how much energy you are saving when this should be obvious from your Energy Star® Benchmarking or other tracking activity.We’ve seen electronic automation take precedence in numerous industries such as manufacturing and information systems… why not hospitality.

  •  Payback - Energy reduction in hotel properties creates a bottom line dollar savings to the operation.The money you save on your electric bill by using an Energy Eye System will pay for the system in less than two (2) years in most cases. 


  •  Asset Value - Reduced expenses demonstrate greater building efficiency and a direct correlation to Net Operating Income as well as additional Asset Value.This can lead to higher Cap Rates in real estate transactions.In fact, if you are planning to offer your property in the near future, it is wise to start an energy management plan as quickly as possible to take advantage of the multipliers when sold.