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What is the payback period?
It is important to remember that investing in the Energy Eye™ is a guaranteed return on investment that continues to pay off for as long as it is installed.

Because no hotel or motel is alike, the payback period for the Energy Eye™ differs for each property depending on size, location, occupancy levels, age of the property, and local electricity rates. Typical payback periods can be reached in less than 24 months.

Will Energy Eye™ interfere with the comfort of my guests?
No. Since guests have full control of the normal HVAC thermostat while in the room, there is no compromise of guest comfort. The guest has full control of the HVAC (even while sleeping) in the room. An internal Energy Eye™ secondary thermostat resets room temperature to a comfortable, management-selected, energy-conserving level only while guests are out.

Why should EVERY hotel/motel property have the Energy Eye™ System?
The cost of energy is frequently the second highest operating expense in the hospitality industry. When energy consumption is reduced, profits increase. There is no reason to pay for energy not used or required by guests. Worldwide electricity prices will only continue to increase, control your resources by managing your wasted electricity costs!

How much guestroom electricity can Energy Eye™ save?
By automatically setting back the thermostat to a more energy-conserving temperature while guests are out, Energy Eye™ System reduces guestroom HVAC (heating, ventilation, air conditioning) consumption 25% - 45%.

How does the Energy Eye™ System save so much electricity?
On average, rented rooms are empty 65% of the time because guests are out sightseeing, at the beach, ski slopes, meetings, etc. During this vulnerable time, guests carelessly leave the HVAC on the maximum setting. The Energy Eye™ System works by setting the temperature back to an optimum energy saving level while the room is not occupied.

How long does it take to install the system?
Because no two properties are alike, this will be highly dependant upon they type of HVAC system in your property and the condition of the equipment. Due to the Energy Eye’s wireless technology the installation of the system will take significantly less time than other hardwired system and generally requires no more than a two person team to install each room. The wireless sensors can usually be installed and tested in less than 15 minutes while the entire system should take no more than an hour per room. Several advantages of the Energy Eye System include:

·  <100 room property can be installed with only a two (2) man crew.

·  100-300+ room properties can be installed easily with two, two (2) men crews.

·  Can be installed into a room while occupied, during normal housekeeping activities.

·  No need to move furniture, remove carpeting, paint, wallpaper or plaster.

·  No need to block out whole floors or rows of rooms, cutting into revenue.

·  No need to modify or disrupt Property Management System (PMS) software.

·  Can be installed on ANY type of HVAC. Not Brand or Type specific.

Will the Energy Eye™ system take control while guests leave the room for short periods of time?
No. The system is set by hotel management for variable time delays, in 5-minute intervals up to 30-minutes allowing for normal guest actions before taking control of the HVAC unit.

Is any involvement of front desk, housekeeping, or maintenance personnel required?
No. Energy Eye™ is totally automatic and requires no involvement of your staff. It requires no adjustment after installation and allows normal hotel operations such as "open door" cleaning or maintenance service and hospitality suite functions without the need for guest or staff interaction.

Can the Energy Eye™ System interface with my HVAC?
The Energy Eye™ System works with any HVAC, worldwide. In some cases it may be necessary to use electronic control cards provided by the HVAC manufacturer.

Can Management make decisions regarding system operation?
Yes. Management may select minimum and maximum setback temperatures, whether the HVAC will operate with the guestroom door open, and much more. See technical specifications for more details

Can Energy Eye™ interface with my room lighting?
Yes. Depending on the installation it is possible to interface with lighting. If the room uses a fancoil type HVAC or the lighting mains are close to the thermostat it is possible to control lighting with an additional relay. Generally, we recommend all lighting to utilize CFL technology to reduce the overall wattage, in which case it is often unnecessary to control lighting as the savings would be minimal.

Will motion in the room such as ceiling fans, moving drapes, and swinging lamps interfere with system operation?
No. Energy Eye™ utilizes Infrared technology and intelligent decision circuits to detect people, not motion; therefore, movement of inanimate objects has no effect on operation.

Can a guest in the bathroom hide from the infrared sensor?
No. Once the sensor detects a person in the room, Energy Eye™ locks into "occupied mode." The system will remain dormant until the door switch is again activated and the search sequence takes place.

What would happen if the system were damaged, would I have to remove a guest?
Absolutely not! Energy Eye™ operation is fail-safe. In the unlikely event of a failure, the HVAC unit will continue to operate at the guest-selected temperature. The HVAC setback is normally off allowing a normal flow of electricity regardless if the system is OFF or damaged.

Will Energy Eye™ cause additional maintenance headaches?
No. Energy Eye™ works with any HVAC unit and is simple to maintain by non-technical personnel. It requires no complicated re-programming of memory instructions or changing of "chips" to change selected features.

Does it matter how many rooms I have?
No. Energy Eye™ is self-contained within each room regardless of property size. Each Energy Eye™ component has its own operating radio frequency and will not interfere with another Energy Eye™ system regardless of proximity.

What about batteries?
The Energy Eye™ System requires a total of three (3) low-cost batteries for complete operation. Out of the three Energy Eye™ components, the infrared sensor uses two (2) common CR123A Lithium camera type batteries and the door sensor requires one (1) common Lithium CR2450 Coin cell battery each for wireless operation. Expected battery life with average usage is around one (1) year although it could be longer. We advise hotel properties to change their sensor batteries around the same schedule they would need to change the electronic lock batteries. The brain unit does not run on batteries and is connected directly into the hotel property’s HVAC electricity outlet. The brain comes standard with a green LED status light that allows hotel staff to know well in ADVANCE when batteries become low.

How does Energy Eye™ compensate guestrooms that have more than one room, as in the case of a suite?
Typically, one sensor is utilized for each guestroom. If there is more than one traditional sized room in a single guestroom (in the case of a suite) more than one infrared sensor is used. Each situation can be unique and needs to be evaluated accordingly.

Do I have to wait until low occupancy to install the system?
No. Installation is intended between guest checkouts. A typical installation will take less than 30 minutes although they have been completed in 15 minutes by our certified installers. It is not necessary to wait to remodel or retrofit as you can start saving immediatly.

What if I want to control HVAC operation when balcony door(s) are opened?
If desired, the Energy Eye™ System allows for HVAC “stop” in response to a secondary doors or windows being opened per guestroom. Depending on the room configuration up to five (5) openings may be controlled per room.

What would happen when there are two guests, one leaves the guestroom and the other remains in the bathroom or is sleeping?
The Energy Eye's™ infrared people sensor is highly sensitive and detects not only movement but also body heat, even if the guest is sleeping. If one guest is in the bathroom, and the other leaves the room, the system will not start HVAC setback until 1. The front door has been opened and shut and 2. The infrared sensor has not detected people in the guestroom for 15 minutes.

How does the Energy Eye™ system affect a mini-bar or other plugged-in appliances/electronics in the room?
All appliances and or plugged in electronics are not effected in any way by the wireless Energy Eye™ System. During and after installation of the system, all items will remain connected as usual to outlets and are not effected.

Added benefits:

  • Increase guest satisfaction by eliminating unexpected “energy surcharges”
  • Savings is not only realized in cost of energy savings, but also by employing the Energy Eye System you will Increase the life span of your heating and air-conditioning equipment
  • Decrease the maintenance costs associated in upkeep of the same heating and air-conditioning equipment by reducing the demand of the HVAC appliances during un-occupied setback periods

2 year manufacturers warranty